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Hướng dẫn làm bài nghe Market Leader Advanced – Unit 2: Training

Video bài nghe Market Leader Advanced – Unit 2: Training – HocHay

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A. Listen to two telephone conversations about the staff induction day at Ashley Pharmaceuticals. What is the purpose of each call? Which conversation is more formal, and why?

Đáp án:
The first conversation between Mel Van Der Horst and Naomi Taylor is more formal than Mel’s conversation with the receptionist, Pierre. That’s because Mel and Pierre are clearly work colleagues who know each other quite well. Mel and Naomi have apparently never met, so they are more polite and formal with each other

B. Listen to the first conversation again. What techniques does each speaker use to check or confirm the information they hear? Match each of the techniques (1-3) to the phrases (a-f).

1. Echoing/rephrasing what was said

2 Using questioning intonation to check information

3. Asking a direct question for confirmation

a) So, you didn’t receive the programme we e-mailed you?

b) Can I just check that? Did you say half past nine?

c) And the room was …?

d) So, that’s B15, thanks.

e) And it doesn’t matter if I haven’t got a copy of the programme?

f) Sorry, could you give me your name again?

Đáp án:

1. d

2. a,c,e

3. b, f

C. Listen to the second conversation again. How does the relationship between the speakers affect how they check, confirm and correct information?

Đáp án:
The speakers use a more direct style to check and confirm information, e.g.

M: You mean we can’t have that room at all?

P: No, what I meant was …

M: C2’s the one next to the vending machines on the third floor? Right?

P: OK, I’ll put you in B13 from nine to midday,…

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How to Make Training a Core Value for Your Digital Agency

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