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Luyện thi ETS TOEIC 2020 – Test 8: Reading (Phần 1) – Học Hay

Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

  1. Kanelek Limited and Evensohn LLC have entered a strategic partnership to —– their market share.

(A) increased

(B) increasing

(C) increases

(D) increase

  1. Glenwick Organic Farm stands out from other farms for its environmentally ——- practices.

(A) exposed

(B) communal

(C) friendly

(D) considerable

  1. Our ——- is responsible for performing quality-control reviews during production.

(A) divided

(B) division

(C) divisive

(D) dividing

  1. Because of a mechanical failure in the production facility, Fizzy Bottlers will be closed ——- further notice.

(A) around

(B) through

(C) except

(D) until

  1. Interviewees are asked not to talk among ——- while waiting in the reception area.

(A) themselves

(B) theirs

(C) them

(D) their

  1. The accounting department reminds all staff to submit expense reports ——- after returning from a trip.

(A) very

(B) enough

(C) rather

(D) soon

  1. Olayinka Boutique ——- hosts special shopping events for members of its loyalty club.

(A) occasion

(B) occasions

(C) occasional

(D) occasionally

  1. For homeowners seeking to reduce their electricity bills, the energy-saving ideas in this brochure should be ——- .

(A) lengthy

(B) immediate

(C) helpful

(D) perceptive

  1. The Delmar Highway Department ——- an online list of current road closures

(A) maintenance

(B) maintains

(C) maintaining

(D) is maintained

  1. ——- reducing staff, management made the decision to decrease administrative bonuses.

(A) Rather than

(B) Whether

(C) Just as

(D) Namely

  1. The doorways, which arch so ——-, were left intact during the renovation of the historic Dersten Building.

(A) graceful

(B) grace

(C) gracefully

(D) graces

  1. Ms. Maeda was ——- that her art submission was used on the cover of the firm’s annual report.

(A) performed

(B) flattered

(C) welcomed

(D) challenged

  1. The primary ——- is whether the cost of the car repair is reasonable considering the amount of labor involved.

(A) method

(B) relation

(C) concern

(D) source

  1. Norvo Financial has built an ——- client base in a short period of time.

(A) impressive

(B) impress

(C) impressively

(D) impresses

  1. We ——– all employees to wear formal business attire when meeting with clients in the office.

(A) monitor

(B) require

(C) confirm

(D) include

  1. ——- Ms. Chang nor Mr. Kao received the e-mail outlining the project proposal.

(A) Both

(B) None

(C) Neither

(D) Whoever

  1. In case of inclement weather, employees are encouraged to work ——- rather than travel to the office.

(A) carefully

(B) remotely

(C) eventually

(D) closely

  1. Long-term maintenance fees——— according to the type of industrial printing machine purchased.

(A) copy

(B) repair

(C) support

(D) vary

  1. Ms. Kwon made it absolutely ——- that hiring decisions require her approval.

(A) clearing

(B) clear

(C) clearly

(D) cleared

  1. Sookie Choi’s latest children’s book is being ——- by Chung-He Park.

(A) illustrating

(B) illustrated

(C) illustration

(D) illustrates

  1. The Stoneport Gallery is hosting a ——- next week to showcase the works of sculptor Fabrice Pepin.

(A) scene

(B) society

(C) formality

(D) reception

  1. Mr. Soto will run 5 kilometers every other day in order to ——- for the Leesburg Corporate Challenge half marathon.

(A) translate

(B) listen

(C) wait

(D) train

  1. All employees are expected to behave ——- when they are traveling on company business.

(A) responsible

(B) responsibly

(C) responsibility

(D) responsibleness

  1. ——- he is now retired, Mr. Matilla is able to pursue his hobby of woodworking.

(A) During

(B) Therefore

(C) When

(D) Because

  1. ——- for press coverage of the music festival will receive official responses by June 30.

(A) Applies

(B) Application

(C) Applicants

(D) Applying

  1. All employees should back up crucial data ——- switching over to the new software system on August 5.

(A) before

(B) of

(C) what

(D) so

  1. A label on each box should indicate the production date as well as the place of ——- of the contents.

(A) importance

(B) safety

(C) foundation

(D) origin

  1. Ms. Jha assured the client that ——- would deliver the contract that afternoon.

(A) her

(B) she

(C) hers

(D) herself

  1. During negotiations, management appeared ——- to the idea of increasing the staff’s wages.

(A) agree

(B) agreement

(C) agreeable

(D) agrees

  1. Employees —— several departments have been encouraged to minimize costs.

(A) across

(B) into

(C) between

(D) despite

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